hold up

I was pretty deep into a souljagirl remix to end all souljagirl remixes when the program crashed on me and I gave up.

So then I came here with the intent of posting somethin edgy and clever. But I cant think about anything other than trying to figure out why I buy beer at a pharmacy. And people buy drugs at the bar.

so anyways….maybe tomorrow you’ll get a nice treat besides your turkeyshit


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“I’m a real stand up dude…

I make my own motherfuckin rules!” ~Billy Danzini (MOP)

OK over at No Trivia a while ago I came across the following blurb about blog etiquette. I had it in the back of my mind for a while now as I am trying to start fresh here. Today I finally dug it up again and here’s what Brandon has to say.

here’s some advice…1) Don’t ask bloggers to “trade links” and really, don’t ask to be added to a blog roll, it’s sort of a bad look. Comment and interact with a blog or the community and if your shit doesn’t suck, you’ll be on their blog roll soon enough. 2) Don’t send e-mails on your latest fucking article or blog for some site, it’s annoying. Especially don’t do it when someone hasn’t asked to be e-mailed your bullshit. 3) Don’t post the same horse-shit as everyone else. NahRight’s got that shit on lock. Even though NahRight often swipes from other sites, the site’s got the audience and you’ll never get it. Posting the same shit and posting like 15 times a day will probably get you some hits but nothing more. Hits are overrated. 4) Don’t be an island. This is the worst thing I’ve noticed amongst hip-hop blogs and it’s probably what will make it a useless thing in like a year or two. Contribute to other places, talk to people. More than anything, don’t treat your content or your name as anything too important.

I’m only concerned with three of the things he mentioned…I’m good on the rest.

The first one is dont ask to trade links or to be added to a blog roll. I understand that I guess, but then again I dont. Nothing wrong with a little advertising to increase your audience.

The next one is that hits are overrated. Probably very true, and probably why he justifies the first rule. But what good is a blog with no hits? Getting all excited over “hits” is kinda gay, like trying to have the most myspace friends. But dont think of it like as a measurement of popularity. Dont overthink the word. All it is is a way to know how many people are checking your work. And I would like to know!

The last one I am concerned with is to not be an island. I read other blogs often, but very rarely comment. The few times I have commented I didn’t get any kind of response. The only time I ever got any kind of feedback is when I asked to be added to a blogroll and saw that I was added within a few days. That means they checked my shit, thought it wasnt shitty, and added da gawd. But maybe I need to start commenting/contributing to other blogs more often.

Anyways, since I moved here to wordpress I have only been focused on content. I’m trying not to worry too much about hits and shit. But I’m not going to blindly follow somebody’s advice, cuz like BillyD “I make my own motherfuckin rules”.

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“Left hooks left from shookin etch-a-sketchin”

shut the fuck up vast aire.

anyways….just found this site….

kinda cool for a once over, but not worth a daily check.

Sir Mix A Lot


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I like to enjoy the music I listen to so I usually don’t care much for songs with extra-heavy political messages and shit. Save that for the fans who don’t read or watch the news. I was checkin out No Trivia today and read his thoughts on some new Busta Rhymes song which supposedly is blatantly racist against Arabs. I listened to it and ok whatever…maybe a little racist but its not exactly the Pope speaking, its Busta braggin about money.

Then I went and read the article on Racialicious that he was referring to. Now Racialicious is a bit over excited about this matter, I feel. But they have a point to an extent. You can decide on your own, I’m not here to tell you how to think.

Then I forgot about it and later today I was surfing and came across this video on Know Good Music.

And that brings me to where I am right now, wondering if I want to even think about this enough to discuss it. Why did Racialicious choose the Busta Rhymes club banger where even if someone memorizes the words they wont actually be listening, instead of Mikkey Halstead’s song which is meant to be listened to and thought about. You cant pick and choose your battles, Racialicious!

Anyways, the Busta song sucks, Racialicious is annoying, and I dont really know what to think about Mikkey’s song. It has some very true parts which make it kinda funny to me even though its serious. And some parts just seem like he is trying too hard or he is just wrong about certain things.

Here, Racialicious, suck on my white nigger…

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Award Tour [stop 1]

The first stop on the soon to be infamous Award Tour is in Cali. As far as the west coast goes, I can dig a few underground artists, most notably Lootpack. If you’ve been checkin out Ijuswannachill for a while now (back on blogspot.com) you would know that Soundpieces; Da Antidote is one of my favortie albums. A couple other acts that come to mind are Dilated Peoples and Del. However, for the most part I really was never into the left too much aside from some select songs/emcees here and there. Snoop, Game, NWA,…all have some good songs or good moments but never caught my attention enough to a point where I would want their box set.

That being said, I was kinda stunned myself when I realized how fast the year went by and I still considered The best album of 2008, according to yours truly, is a product of a Californian duo. Now, I actually got the “album” Jan 4 2008 so I’m assuming it was released prior to the begining of this year, but dont be a bitch. The reason the word album is in quotes is because appearantly its not even an official album. It is “the album before the album”. Its a sad day in hiphop when arguably the best album of the year isn’t even a real album.

Here is what I’m talkin about, of course…

Look at those dorks, right? As Tunji, half of Inverse, says: “they try to judge cuz we dont look like eachother, but read a page before you judge a book by its cover”

Download Inverse “So Far (the collection)”

1. So Far: No intro! Straight to rappin! Always a huge plus! The stings hype up the begining of this song and lead into a fuckin killer piano that really keeps you on the edge of your seat. As soon as you hear the piano come in you know you got a classic album on your hands. and the intensity keeps building…..and the drum kick comes in…..and the break…..and BLAST OFF!!!! haha. The beat kicks in and you are introduced to “Tunji” and “Tobe” as “Inverse”. Then the hook which sets the mood of the entire album; “This is who we are”. Tunji kicks off the first verse of the album, killin it. Tobe does the 2nd verse, and although he matches intensity, passion, and lyrical ability, his flow is a bit lacking compared to Tunji. Great song for track one and you really get a feel of what you are in for.

2. Remember The Name: A very different mood to this song than track 1, and even the rest of the album for the most part. Very mellow and spacey…more typical west coast feel here.  Still, it all comes together really well thanks to a nice simple chorus to compliment the beat, and Tobe kicks it off with a nice verse shedding light on how he came to be who he is today. He appologizes in advance for his imperfections you will learn of, saying “pull a chair up close and let the show start, pull the curtains apart, and pardon all the faux pas”. After the chorus, Tunji does his thing, speaking more on society than his personal life. I’d say this is one song where Tobe actually shines brightest. Favorite line: “I got a gift for writin words, its just a part of my truth, we realized we love this music so we started a group” ~Tunji “often watched the others, studied their plots in costumes, covers / til it got where I knew their thoughts before they thought em, forgot about my problems and learned from theirs” ~Tobe

3. Everything Is Beautiful: Some moments on this album can be kinda corny and gay. This song is one of those moments. That being said, the song is still super fresh. Both still come correct on the M-I and stick with the formula. The chorus (the corny gay part) is still catchy and hardly ruins the song. After two incredible tracks to start the album, this song acts as a nice break and gives you a chance to chill and catch your breath. Good song, dont skip it!

4. Spotlight: I really dont even know what to say here. Perfect song. The electric guitar sample and stuttering drum kicks make you wanna play football or somethin…its that hype. And somehow both members stick to their guns. They never reach for the sour grapes and rap about bitches or brawling or bein better than you, even if the beat wants them to. 10/10. Tunji goes b-a-n-a-n-a-s on his verse, but Tobe bleeds passion all over his time slot.

5. Til The End (C.A.L.I.): You’ll recognize this sample. I hate when I hear such similar beats (almost exact sample). This song is amazing though. I know I’m spreading myself thin here sayin every song is amazing, but I dont know what else to say. I take it one song at a time and say what I feel about each song individually.  Anyways, I’ve never been to Cali but this song makes me feel like I teleport there for 4 minutes at a time. At this point in the album you are gettin kinda worried that you arent gonna be able to include your 2 or 3 favorite tracks on your next mixtape cuz theyre all your favorite. My favorite line from one Tobe: “you gotta get high just to stay sober, tomorrow’s another name for a hangover”.

6. Constellation: Ehh…so far its the “worst” song on the album, but still not one that makes you wanna hit the skip button when it comes on. Not a bad song at all, just not quite up to par with the first 5 tracks. And if you’re listenin and thinkin this song has nothin to offer, go to the last verse and listen to Tunji rip it. When the fuck will he ever show any sign of laziness on a track? Dude is seriously becoming one of my favorite rappers.

7. I Believe: Another one of those corny/gay choruses (chori?). But the song fits in well on the album. And once again Tunji is the coolest cat in hiphop actin like hes just havin a conversation with you and just happens to rhyme. Fav line: “I’m still tryna scribble the outline, most people keep their dreams silent I shout mine, see I’m a whole different breed of person, I dont believe in ignorin problems and leavin them to worsen”.

8. We Can Fly: Originally I was turned off…weird beat and just too wacky of a song for me. But Tunji’s opening monologue is nice. “Cooler than the other side of the pillow case, not goin out tonight Ima chill at home base, I spend a whole day tryna fill a whole page, cuz im picky bout the things that I will or wont say.” But then some weird reggae-ishness infests the middle of the track killing the song, and Tobe just doesn’t have enough to resuscitate it. Runner up for worst song.

9. HipHopSoul: What the hell, Tunji? Don’t you have a Clark Kent anywhere inside of you? This is a chick song but its off the chain. Tunji again…nevermind, you already know. The chorus is amateur R&Bish but catchy and not half bad for this type of song. Tobe gives it a good try then some singer (Noah King?) finishes it off.

10. Wanna Groove: I skip it. But my man thinks its alright. Check it out and if its your thing then enjoy! Its kinda fun just not my kinda thing.  I cant find Cindy Lauper anywhere in the credits, but this joint sounds like something she would be in.

11. Sunnycalifornia: This song makes me feel like theres not a problem in the world. Another ode to the golden state, and done just as well. When I listen to this track I feel like I just got outta work in the summer and its time to get fucked up cuz there aint shit to do tomorrow. This track and “Til The End” sell Cali better than anything since the discovery of gold. Fav line: “Tobe’s gonna catch me if I ever spit a wrong verse” ~Tunji. I just love the partnership these two share (no homo). They have such chemistry and are havin a blast makin these songs, you can hear it in the finished product.

12. Look Around: Unfair that Tunji gets the ill part of the beat without the fairydust, but once again he outshines Tobe here. The beat is quite bad in the begining actually. However, by the time the chorus is done and Tunji is up to bat the beat is much better/deeper/thoughtful. Ends up bein a decent track.

13. All My Tomorrows: Real nice chipmunk sample here complimented with some cymbal crashes. I was gonna say this song is in the top 3, but then I remembered how many other great songs there were, plus the grand finale. It sounds like I dont like Tobe much, because Tunji is so good. But he is actually an excellent co-star and they do feed of eachother a lot. Haha I am running out of things to say now. This is one of the best songs and I’m talkin about their chemistry instead of breakin down the elements. Just listen for yourself, you dont need me to tell you why this track is dope.

14. One Step: I love wind instrument samples. Well I only have one other song in mind right now with a flute(?) sample in it that I really like, but listen to this shit. And why is Inverse so amazing? I mean you basically just heard a collection of 5 star songs (with the exception of a few), and just when you thought you made it to the end this track sucks you back in and smacks you in the face. It is the late climax of the album. Its exhausting to hear so many dope tracks in one sitting, yet its so refreshing!. And to finally release some of that tension you built up, the end of this track has a funny karaoke moment reassuring us that they had a blast making this album. Hiphop is fun again.

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DJs are off da hook

Pun intended. Why aren’t DJs doin hooks much anymore?

What happened to the MC/DJ dual attack? One of my favorite things in a song is when the mc shuts the fuck up and tags his partner in for a knockout blow. That hasn’t been happening much lately I dont think. Either the rapper writes 4-8 bars and spits them in a slightly slower/different flow for the chorus, or theres some R&B shit that lasts longer than the first verse, or some other bullshit wacky noises and effects that we don’t want to hear, do we?

Here’s what I want in a song:

1) A nice, solid beat. Nothing too flashy though.

2)  A rapper rappin his ass off havin fun (even in serious songs you can tell when the emcee is having fun and it makes the song better. Hiphop is supposed to be fun!).  And dude should rap til he’s done, not when the beat wants him to stop. Just keep flowin, man. 24 bars? why stop there? Pull a Ghostface and finish what you started!

3) A DJ who feels comfortbale making himself at home on the joint. DJ Premier, anyone? Gangstarr tracks usually follow all these guidelines.

The final outcome should be similar to this

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“choose your weapon…

…microphone, beats, or the wheels of steel” ~mf doom

In my opinion, the best music comes from those who do it all. Think dwight spitz, operation doomsday, college dropout. When only one person is involved in a piece of music the product is much more artistic, personal, and whole. Whether the artist writes the lyrics first, makes the beat first, or both at the same time, 100% of the tought put into it is his own. Like a painting the artist creates the whole thing himself. He wouldnt hire me to draw a nose, and you to draw the mouth, and the other guy to draw the eyes.

And even if the final outcome is ugly/shitty, I still find it intriguing in a way because it is no longer justified by the word “song” (Or maybe the word song has lost its full meaning due to the status of music today). Anyways, I am always intrigued and excited when I hear music composed entirely by one person.

Which leads me to what this post was originally going to be about, before I decided to mention my little “jack of all trades” fetish.

I have always welcomed good production. And I mean song production as a whole, not just beat production. Even if its 50 Cent or Gwen Stefani (I love holla back girl). I think I consciously realized my love for production maybe around 4 or so years ago while listening to K-Os. You’ll prolly listen to the song below and think “I dont hear any superproduction in there”. My answer to that is a) it helps to listen to the whole album, and b) dude is singin the chorus, spittin the verses, the beat coincides accordingly, if you just listen to how much is really goin on…yet it comes together perfectly and YOU dont even hear it, thats how smooth it is!

by the way i hate music videos. that is a discussion for another day

I am pretty open as far as taste in music nowadays, but i haven’t always been. I used to strictly like underground rap. But I found myself listening to K-Os and really diggin it. He can flow, but he isn’t an excellent rapper. And shit half the time he isn’t rapping anyways. Thats when I said fuck it, time to be honest with myself and if I like a good song, I like it, no matter what category. Then my production love was put on the back burner for a while.

The reason this is on my mind now is because I’m having trouble finding new exciting hiphop. I’ve been listening to old shit for a long time now and I miss hearing something fresh and put together really well.

The other day I was talkin to a girl about the music we like. She said she “loves hiphop!” and I probably rolled my eyes, but it turns out she knew what was good. She also said she likes Radiohead and “MIA, even before paper planes came out”. And she mentioned a couple other bands I forgot. So tonight I am virtual-diggin for music and remember our conversation and decide to check out MIA.

“What the fuck….this shit is weird….and it either sucks or its really good!”

I’m definitely going to look into MIA more, no matter how gay that makes me. The production seems incredible. Granted there seemingly isn’t much else there besides the production, it still has my attention for now.

And while I’m at it, I think I will be checking out Radiohead, Portishead, and a few other supposed production staples that I have been sleeping on until now.

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“Cuz who I’m talkin ’bout ya’ll is hip hop.”

When I started Ijuswannachill, my plan was to post music and discuss it. But eventually I got lazy and just posted with no discussion. Then just stopped posting at all.  So I’m switching from blogspot to wordpress and starting from scratch, and its makin me itch.  Anyways, this is not my personal journal so enough about me, lets get the ball rollin again…

OK lets start. My thoughts aren’t really organized right now but I would like to discuss (without beating a dead horse) the present state of hip hop compared to “back in the day”. I learn when I write just as much as when I read…so lets take a ride and learn together.

Remember hip hop pre-Run DMC? I don’t cuz I’m not quite that old. But I know about it enough to come up with this daring though: Hip hop today is more similar to that era than any other. Think about it.

I could get funny and talk about how the flow is weak like most rappers nowadays. But I’m talking more about the entire peice put together. The first thing that stands out is the electronic effects and voices. Or as Ghost would say: “Computer Love”.

But more important than that small and obvious detail is the relationship between the rapper and the beat. It’s hard to make this point without sounding critical towards the early years…I’m not dissing it at all. But cmon…that shit just sounds weak today! I wish I was alive and old enough to be around for that era…it was prolly off the hook when new rap songs came out. Not like today when a new rap song is just a new song. Cuz rap is nothing new anymore. Anyways…the shit is weak compared to today’s standards, which I know is unfair to say.

But its the feel of the song as a whole. Ok I think I know how I wanna say this. Rappers today, like back then, aren’t part of the peice of music, but rather a compliment addition to the beat. When I listen to a new song today I hear a beat and I hear a rapper. Great, thats what hip hop is, right? Well I beleive what made the 90s era of hip hop so golden was the way the rapper became intertwined with the beat. They weren’t so seperate.  And the beat wasn’t stonger than the rapper, and the rapper wasn’t stronger than the beat.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of 90s hip hop. Dont get me wrong though, I love songs from all eras.  I just think for some reason rap found the perfect recipe in that special decade. This was a short discussion about the “physical” peice of music. Maybe someday we can look into the psychology of why that happened.

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