“Cuz who I’m talkin ’bout ya’ll is hip hop.”

When I started Ijuswannachill, my plan was to post music and discuss it. But eventually I got lazy and just posted with no discussion. Then just stopped posting at all.  So I’m switching from blogspot to wordpress and starting from scratch, and its makin me itch.  Anyways, this is not my personal journal so enough about me, lets get the ball rollin again…

OK lets start. My thoughts aren’t really organized right now but I would like to discuss (without beating a dead horse) the present state of hip hop compared to “back in the day”. I learn when I write just as much as when I read…so lets take a ride and learn together.

Remember hip hop pre-Run DMC? I don’t cuz I’m not quite that old. But I know about it enough to come up with this daring though: Hip hop today is more similar to that era than any other. Think about it.

I could get funny and talk about how the flow is weak like most rappers nowadays. But I’m talking more about the entire peice put together. The first thing that stands out is the electronic effects and voices. Or as Ghost would say: “Computer Love”.

But more important than that small and obvious detail is the relationship between the rapper and the beat. It’s hard to make this point without sounding critical towards the early years…I’m not dissing it at all. But cmon…that shit just sounds weak today! I wish I was alive and old enough to be around for that era…it was prolly off the hook when new rap songs came out. Not like today when a new rap song is just a new song. Cuz rap is nothing new anymore. Anyways…the shit is weak compared to today’s standards, which I know is unfair to say.

But its the feel of the song as a whole. Ok I think I know how I wanna say this. Rappers today, like back then, aren’t part of the peice of music, but rather a compliment addition to the beat. When I listen to a new song today I hear a beat and I hear a rapper. Great, thats what hip hop is, right? Well I beleive what made the 90s era of hip hop so golden was the way the rapper became intertwined with the beat. They weren’t so seperate.  And the beat wasn’t stonger than the rapper, and the rapper wasn’t stronger than the beat.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of 90s hip hop. Dont get me wrong though, I love songs from all eras.  I just think for some reason rap found the perfect recipe in that special decade. This was a short discussion about the “physical” peice of music. Maybe someday we can look into the psychology of why that happened.


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