“choose your weapon…

…microphone, beats, or the wheels of steel” ~mf doom

In my opinion, the best music comes from those who do it all. Think dwight spitz, operation doomsday, college dropout. When only one person is involved in a piece of music the product is much more artistic, personal, and whole. Whether the artist writes the lyrics first, makes the beat first, or both at the same time, 100% of the tought put into it is his own. Like a painting the artist creates the whole thing himself. He wouldnt hire me to draw a nose, and you to draw the mouth, and the other guy to draw the eyes.

And even if the final outcome is ugly/shitty, I still find it intriguing in a way because it is no longer justified by the word “song” (Or maybe the word song has lost its full meaning due to the status of music today). Anyways, I am always intrigued and excited when I hear music composed entirely by one person.

Which leads me to what this post was originally going to be about, before I decided to mention my little “jack of all trades” fetish.

I have always welcomed good production. And I mean song production as a whole, not just beat production. Even if its 50 Cent or Gwen Stefani (I love holla back girl). I think I consciously realized my love for production maybe around 4 or so years ago while listening to K-Os. You’ll prolly listen to the song below and think “I dont hear any superproduction in there”. My answer to that is a) it helps to listen to the whole album, and b) dude is singin the chorus, spittin the verses, the beat coincides accordingly, if you just listen to how much is really goin on…yet it comes together perfectly and YOU dont even hear it, thats how smooth it is!

by the way i hate music videos. that is a discussion for another day

I am pretty open as far as taste in music nowadays, but i haven’t always been. I used to strictly like underground rap. But I found myself listening to K-Os and really diggin it. He can flow, but he isn’t an excellent rapper. And shit half the time he isn’t rapping anyways. Thats when I said fuck it, time to be honest with myself and if I like a good song, I like it, no matter what category. Then my production love was put on the back burner for a while.

The reason this is on my mind now is because I’m having trouble finding new exciting hiphop. I’ve been listening to old shit for a long time now and I miss hearing something fresh and put together really well.

The other day I was talkin to a girl about the music we like. She said she “loves hiphop!” and I probably rolled my eyes, but it turns out she knew what was good. She also said she likes Radiohead and “MIA, even before paper planes came out”. And she mentioned a couple other bands I forgot. So tonight I am virtual-diggin for music and remember our conversation and decide to check out MIA.

“What the fuck….this shit is weird….and it either sucks or its really good!”

I’m definitely going to look into MIA more, no matter how gay that makes me. The production seems incredible. Granted there seemingly isn’t much else there besides the production, it still has my attention for now.

And while I’m at it, I think I will be checking out Radiohead, Portishead, and a few other supposed production staples that I have been sleeping on until now.


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