DJs are off da hook

Pun intended. Why aren’t DJs doin hooks much anymore?

What happened to the MC/DJ dual attack? One of my favorite things in a song is when the mc shuts the fuck up and tags his partner in for a knockout blow. That hasn’t been happening much lately I dont think. Either the rapper writes 4-8 bars and spits them in a slightly slower/different flow for the chorus, or theres some R&B shit that lasts longer than the first verse, or some other bullshit wacky noises and effects that we don’t want to hear, do we?

Here’s what I want in a song:

1) A nice, solid beat. Nothing too flashy though.

2)  A rapper rappin his ass off havin fun (even in serious songs you can tell when the emcee is having fun and it makes the song better. Hiphop is supposed to be fun!).  And dude should rap til he’s done, not when the beat wants him to stop. Just keep flowin, man. 24 bars? why stop there? Pull a Ghostface and finish what you started!

3) A DJ who feels comfortbale making himself at home on the joint. DJ Premier, anyone? Gangstarr tracks usually follow all these guidelines.

The final outcome should be similar to this


November 18, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Din blogg är fet, inte många som kommenterar så jag tänkte slänga upp en åt dig. Keep doin’ what u doin’ !

    Comment by Viktor | November 20, 2008 | Reply

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