“I’m a real stand up dude…

I make my own motherfuckin rules!” ~Billy Danzini (MOP)

OK over at No Trivia a while ago I came across the following blurb about blog etiquette. I had it in the back of my mind for a while now as I am trying to start fresh here. Today I finally dug it up again and here’s what Brandon has to say.

here’s some advice…1) Don’t ask bloggers to “trade links” and really, don’t ask to be added to a blog roll, it’s sort of a bad look. Comment and interact with a blog or the community and if your shit doesn’t suck, you’ll be on their blog roll soon enough. 2) Don’t send e-mails on your latest fucking article or blog for some site, it’s annoying. Especially don’t do it when someone hasn’t asked to be e-mailed your bullshit. 3) Don’t post the same horse-shit as everyone else. NahRight’s got that shit on lock. Even though NahRight often swipes from other sites, the site’s got the audience and you’ll never get it. Posting the same shit and posting like 15 times a day will probably get you some hits but nothing more. Hits are overrated. 4) Don’t be an island. This is the worst thing I’ve noticed amongst hip-hop blogs and it’s probably what will make it a useless thing in like a year or two. Contribute to other places, talk to people. More than anything, don’t treat your content or your name as anything too important.

I’m only concerned with three of the things he mentioned…I’m good on the rest.

The first one is dont ask to trade links or to be added to a blog roll. I understand that I guess, but then again I dont. Nothing wrong with a little advertising to increase your audience.

The next one is that hits are overrated. Probably very true, and probably why he justifies the first rule. But what good is a blog with no hits? Getting all excited over “hits” is kinda gay, like trying to have the most myspace friends. But dont think of it like as a measurement of popularity. Dont overthink the word. All it is is a way to know how many people are checking your work. And I would like to know!

The last one I am concerned with is to not be an island. I read other blogs often, but very rarely comment. The few times I have commented I didn’t get any kind of response. The only time I ever got any kind of feedback is when I asked to be added to a blogroll and saw that I was added within a few days. That means they checked my shit, thought it wasnt shitty, and added da gawd. But maybe I need to start commenting/contributing to other blogs more often.

Anyways, since I moved here to wordpress I have only been focused on content. I’m trying not to worry too much about hits and shit. But I’m not going to blindly follow somebody’s advice, cuz like BillyD “I make my own motherfuckin rules”.


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