common spat a ton

Ok as you read in the last post I skimmed through the new common album and rejected it quickly. I was hungover at work and heard some weird shit and turned it off.  Then last night I saw him performing “Universal Mind Control” on Leno. The whole stage show was a joke…fuckin mime robots dancing and shit. And I dont care how common dresses cuz I guess its better than lookin like a clown thug, but this was a little bit too “Mr Rogers” even for me. But again I dont care about fashion.

So we got this wack ass Pharelectronic beat and gay stage show and just seems like common is trying too hard to do something kanye-ish. But then he started rapping…

and dancing all hype and shit, wildin out and rapping…

and he just kept spittin, and he did the choruses completely, and he kept spittin and wildin and didnt fuckin stop til the beat stopped, literally.

(heres the link I couldnt figure out how to post the vid here)


Gotta respect that! you couldnt even spit one whole verse without stopping, sitting in your nerd chair. you prolly couldnt wild out like that for 4 minutes either, even without rappin at the same time. (neither could I)

so im gonna give the album another try, and listen to the lyrics and all that bullshit. but this song/album is NOT common “taking the game in a different direction” as someone said who posted where I found this video. This is common on a pharell beat, which is like soo 2004.

It’s common taking himself in a different direction…the wrong one. I’m not tryin to keep him a one trick pony, just want him to do something a little cooler than a pharrell track featuring I Am Robot.

I love when rappers do something different for their new albums. Normally when people complain about rappers gettin different like “wu tang aint the same anymore” I say “If you wanna hear 36 Chambers every time Wu releases an album, just listen to 36 Chambers and dont waste your money on the new shit.  But sometimes its too different and rappers try too hard to reinvent themselves (see: 808s and Heartbreak).

So anyways, I digress…The new common album may not be wack, let me listen to it more and give it a fair chance. He saved himself with that gay stage show/awesome performance.


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