It’s spelled T-o-b-y. Sorry.

Toby, half of Inverse (see post: Award Tour), read the review of their project So Far and was appreciative to say the least. Very cool how quickly he got back to me and even how much he wrote back! Just wanted to make some corrections/updates on that review and Inverse in general, according to Toby.

The project was released on Jan 1st 2008 so it was released this year after all.

About half of the songs were made just prior to that and then they took some other songs from various side projects.  “Wanna Groove” was recorded for a dance movie, he says, and he knows that it is ‘corny x 10’ haha.

Not sure how much I should say, but I was informed of what is in store for Inverse in the near future. Expect a couple videos as well as an EP very soon. Their album which will be titled “Long Day’s Journey” is still in the works and there are a few very talented and known artists featured!

To conclude his email, Toby says:

We also greatly greatly appreciate people like you who proactively spread the word.  It makes the time and money we put in that project really worth it.


P.S. If you liked So Far and hopefully like So True [the EP], I think you’ll be very impressed by the real album.  We’re going to go all out with that one.

Sounds like they got a master plan. like “so far is something we just threw together, the EP is gonna be official, but we’re going ALL OUT for the real album!” haha


So do yourselves a favor and check out Inverse, then spread the word so when the album does drop you’ll be the coolest kid on your block.


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