808s Update!!

I was just watching The Borne Identity for the first time and Matt Damon’s character is trying to figure out who he is because his memory got erased or something. He is in a diner with a girl he got a ride with and told her he doesnt remember anything. But he says some shit like “i know the waitres is left handed, the cook is a good fighter, in this altitude i can run flat our for a half mile before my hands start to shake, i know all the license plates of the cars outside, i know the best place to find a gun is in the cab of the grey truck outside…….now how would i know all that, but dont know who i am?” woooooooooooooo! hit the nail right on the head. he knows hes a warrior, a fighter, a machine. He knows what he is, but he forgot who he is. Kanye knows what he is, but forgot who he is. He isnt denying that he doesnt remember who he is, just like damons character. He wants to remember so bad, but he is engulfed in what he is, instead of who he is. crazy, i know. i surprise myself sometimes! peace


December 14, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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