Welcome To Buffalo

Fuck it. Every other city is showcasing their talent (or lack there of). Just cuz the sports teams here are under .500 doesn’t mean the musicians can’t compete. Buffalo produced the Goo Goo Dolls, Ani DiFranco, Lance Diamond, and other popular musicians that I’m not really concerned with.

As far as rap goes Buffalo is keepin up with the pack, to say the least. In fact, the blue collar, under-the-radar, humble sound of most Buffalo hiphop artists reflects the infamous NYC sound of the mid-1990s more so than perhaps anything else coming out nowadays. Of course the sounds is more modern and faster and cleaner, but overall the main ingredient is still there. Listen for yourself and see what I mean. You are about to hear some raw hiphop that is very catchy and will never sound desperate for attention or sales.

Gr& Phee and Rhyson Hall – Still Raw

This track was actually like number 1 on ughh.com for a while if I’m not mistaken. When they do this live it is incredible. And the remix is crazy as fuuuu.

Edreys – I Like It

I first saw Edreys this past summer opening up for Brother Ali in Buffalo and I was surprised. I Like It seems to be the new marketing point of buffalo hiphop so I figured I would put it towards the top. Its nice, but not my fav.

Fresh Guac – (Untitled?)

The title of this track aint on youtube, but the video caught my attention cuz they’re right outside of my office building for the duration of the video. The song is ok. Fresh Guac is ok.

Mankind – Concentrate

Mankind is me, trying to spit good lyrics over my man M3GA’s beats. I live in Buffalo. This track is nice. We have two albums plus I have a bunch of other material solo, so if you want more let me know.

Gr& Phee and Rhyson Hall – Do The Math (ft El Da Sensei)

Whaaaaa? Featuring who???? Whats up yo. El Da Sen on the track. Givin a shout out to the Queen City before his verse. Beat fits well. I love when emcees (in any geographic loacation) use maps in their lyrics. (ie. “I’ll throw you off the foot of Ferry, float that ass to Canada”). Check a map if you need to. ferry st at niagara st buffalo ny 14213. see canada right across the river? I like maps.

check out Edreys’ thoughts on art and music also. HERE

Alright theres a bunch of other artists I know of in Buffalo but cant find their shit right now. Check out the artist’s pages:






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christmas missed us

Cambridge – Merry Xmas

mc josh cambridge on the m.i.c.      holla

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