You Slept through 2008?

While every other rap blog on the WorldWideWeb is posting their “end all be all” list for the past year, I want to take a more honest approach. Dont get me wrong, I love the “top 100 of 2008” lists on other blogs, and I always find new music that I’ve yet to hear on those lists. But I kinda feel that the idea of a ‘top’ anything list is so subjective that it is kinda redundant to post on a medium as versatile as the internet. (And maybe thats just my excuse to not have to spend the time on my own top 100).

But I did take the time to go through the songs and albums that remain on my hard drive from 2008. My list is just a bunch of songs from 2008. When you think of the problem of hiphop today (underground especially), it’s that everyone is trying too hard to make a banger. Back in the golden years, rappers were just makin songs and weren’t competing with the rest of the industry as much as they were trying to get an audience. Today rappers think the audience is already on their side, therefore the only competition is other rappers.

My list here is a reflection of the golden years; I’m not trying to top anyone, it’s just a list of music from 2008. Obviously I did use my discretion when choosing songs. My process: go through every album on my computer from 2008, then choose the best, or most original songs from the lot. The outcome…? I’m listening through it now and it makes a great mixtape. No expectations. No standards. Just a bunch of notable songs from 2008.

Download the folder here


Large Pro – The Entrance

Herbie Hancock – Court and Speak (ft Norah Jones)

9th Wonder – Brooklyn In My Mind (ft Mos Def, Jean Grae, Memph Bleek)

The Grouch – Watch Watch

Del – Bubble Pop

Elzhi – The Leak

Herbie Hancock – Edith and the Kingpin (ft Tina Turner)

Jake One – Gangsta Boy (MOP)

Doomtree – Drumsticks

Buckshot and 9th Wonder – Be Cool

EMC – Leak It Out

J Live – The Upgrade (ft Odissee and Posdanous)

The Smile Rays – A Toast

Jake One – The Truth (Freeway and Brother Ali)

The Grouch – Artsy

Inverse – Spotlight

Buckshot and 9th Wonder – All Out

Dirt Nasty – Amanda

Has Lo – Unsigned Emcees

Inverse – Til The End (C.A.L.I.)

J Live – The Understanding

Kanye West – Paranoid

Akrobatik – Be Prepared (ft Little Brother)

Buckshot and 9th Wonder – Holt It Down (ft Talib Kweli)

Opio – Don Julio

Elzhi – Fire Rmx (ft Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown, Fat Ray)

J Live – Ole (ft Oddy Gato)

Q-Tip – Move

Ron Countour – Krispykreme Pen

Inverse – HipHopSoul

Ron Countour – Baddest Emcee

EMC – We Alright

The Grouch – Never Die

Elzhi – Transitional Joint

Nas – Fried Chicken (ft Busta Rhymes)

The Grouch – Bring It Back

J Live – You Out There

Inverse – One Step

Del – Funkyhomosapien (prod. J Zone)

Large Pro – The Hardest (ft Styles P and AZ)

J Rawls – A Tribute To Souls

Jake One – Glow (ft Elzhi and Royce Da 5’9)

Jake One – Home (ft Vitamin D, C Note, Maine, Ish)

EMC – Feel It

Pace Won and Mr Green – The Eye Of A Needle

LEO – Perfect Line (prod. Large Professor)

Game – My Life (ft Lil Wayne)

Pace Won and Mr Green – Hip Hop

Game – Angel (ft Common)

Sadat X – Heart to Heart (ft Thirstin Howl III and Twanie Ranks)

Cormega – Fresh (ft PMD, Grand Puba, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane)

Dilated Peoples – The Release Party

Freeway – Everlast

Freeway – Freedom of Speech


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